Friday, May 20, 2011

A Squeal of Excitement

Yeppie!!! I'm super duper excited about the summer as we just bought a grill last night! We live in an apartment and can only have a gas grill..but who cares?! Food sizzling away in the grill while we sip on beer - bring it on, Summer! 

My hubby laid his eyes on a perfect sized grill for our apt at Lowe's a few weeks back. He just couldn't get the idea of having a grill out of his head. So I gifted him one just for being awesome :). Although I'm a vegetarian, my hubby loves his seafood and is making big plans for the coming weekends. 

Just for the opening ceremony, we grilled some watermelon, pineapple and eggplant and made a grilled cheese sandwich last night. This weekend is going to be busy but I'll be here posting more about the new addition to our family =). 

Hubby with his much loved gift

The grill has an attachment to warm up food..this is perfect! I can finally make Vangyache bharit (baingan bharta), fulka and other things I couldn't make with an electric stove. 

Okies, I gotta go do some 'dancing' now...later!


Nupur said...

That's awesome- what fun to have a new grill right at the start of summer!

Sharan said...

Grilling in the summer is such a blast! I am sure you guys will put this to full use.

snehal said...

Thanks, girls! The weather is showing no signs of summer. Hopefully the grill keeps reminding me of the season it's supposed to be!


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