Monday, May 16, 2011

An Odd Celebration

One year! 36-freaking-5 days since I first met my hubby and it seems like it all happened just yesterday. We had a speedy dating process. It would make me a nervous wreck if I had to go through it so fast all over again but somehow everything just fell into the right place and we've had a wonderful year together(touchwood!!!) with our 6 month wedding anniversary just on its way!

With the recent trips, work and other activities/events, we both have been exhausted. There hasn't been a weekend in a long time we just kicked back and relaxed at home. Yesterday, exactly one year since we met, presented itself as an opportunity to sit at home and do what we've been waiting for - NOTHING! Really. A whole day of doing nothing came as a much needed break after many hectic weeks. A romantic brunch by the beach would've been a suited celebration for the occasion but we both wanted anything far from it. Having a comfort food lunch of 'Bhaat-Aamti' (rice and lentil soup/daal) seemed a far better idea than a fancy meal. And we did just that - we had the most unusual celebration by eating some simple Maharashtrian food at home while watching our favorite TV shows. felt soo good having a lazy Sunday to ourselves.

Bhaat-Aamti are a part of everyday meals in a M'shtrian house. Rice was a must especially for dinner in my home. Being extremely easy to cook and embracing almost any vegetable in preparation, this was also a staple during my college days. I've tried to cut down on rice consumption since then, partly due to just being bored of it. Yet, a good ol' Marathi lunch calls for rice, aamti and some bhaaji (vegetable) to go on the side with pickle and raw onion! I made Kanda-lasanichi aamti (toor daal with onion, garlic and Kolhapuri kanda-lasun tikhat - masala made with red chili powder, onion, garlic and some other spices), a simple cauliflower bhaaji with paav-bhaji masala to give it a kick and carrot-chili pickle on the side. This was all good, but I had to make atleast something out of the ordinary to mark this special occasion. The choice of the day was Soy granule patties! A healthy appetizer to spruce up our otherwise simple lunch. The recipe was in a little booklet that came with the Nutrela Soy Granules packet. I modified it to suit my mood (somewhere close to 'lazy').

Bhaat, Amati, Flower bhaaji and lonacha...the ultimate comfort food
Soy Granule Patties
Up Close and Personal :D
Soy Granules Patties

1/2 Cup Soy Granules
1 Medium potato
1 Carrot
1/2 Teaspoon Garam Masala
1/2 Teaspoon frankie masala
1 Teaspoon red chili powder
Few dashes of mustard sauce
2 Teaspoons ketchup
Salt to taste
  • Soak soy granules in warm water, drain out excess water and keep aside.
  • Boil 1 potato, peel and mash. Grate the carrot.
  • Mix all the ingredients together well and form flat patties by hand. This will make about 12 patties. 
  • Brush a pan with some oil and cook these patties on medium-high heat for a couple of minutes on each side until brown. 
  • Enjoy them with some ketchup or tamarind chutney. Yum!
*As with any recipe, change up the spices according to your liking.
*Don't compare these patties to the veggie burger patties you get! These were extremely light and delicious and you could hardly tell they were made out of soy granules.
*The original recipe had cloves, cinnamon, mustard, cumin and coriander powders. I made the recipe easier by adding garam masala and some mustard sauce instead.
*The ketchup was my addition. Just because I like the slightly sweet-salty-tangy taste.

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