Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wool Works

I have an impulsive need to feel productive most of the times. Even on my day off from work and home chores, I need to be doing something while curled up on the couch. I've found just the thing that satisfies my artistic side and keeps me engaged without doing much thinking - working with wool! Grab a yarn of fuzzy wool, keep working through patterns and you are sure to end up with something pretty. I have been knitting on a very amaturish level since the age of 10 and have been dabbling in crocheting the last couple of years. My crocheting is self taught with the help of internet(I finally bow down to technology for making learning easy). I know some basic stitches and patterns useful to make items I can use in the house. Being a scarf obsessed person I crocheted quite a few of them and went on to some more complicated(sill at a beginner level) patterns. As I got the hang of it and my work started looking cleaner, I made some scarves to gift my sister and cousins. What a great feeling to gift something made with your own hands! They are filled with love and have a personal touch J.

A doily I started working on last winter before I had some 'getting married' to do- finally finished y'day!

Chopstick holders! Just made these today..cute little something to display the chopsticks

One of my first works - a scarf or a belt!

A curly scarf - got the pattern online. It's quite long!

I visit Michael's on one of those 'me' days and roam around for a couple of hours getting ideas for new craft projects. Picking up a few colorful yarns and practicing different patterns is sure a fun way to give your hands something to do.


Priyanka said...

Awesome artworks Snehal! The chopstick holders are so innovative and the white scarf is the cutest. what do I need to do for you to gift me one of these? :P

snehal said...

Thank you, Priyanka!! The chopstick holders were totally unplanned...I thought of creating a 'ball' to just tuck them in and ended up with something like this :). Send me your address and I'll send a scarf your way =)


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