Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nature Inspired

Now I know why artists flock to California. Not that I count myself in the category, but the abundance of natural beauty inspires you to do something creative. Many of the beaches in Central CA are full of unbelievably smooth naturally formed pebbles. I picked up a bag full of them on a recent trip just because I loved the shapes. While gardening on a sunny Saturday morning last week, I knew how I could add a special touch using these pebbles. The best looking and largest three pebbles + some oil paint = my simple, cheap, and personalized garden decor :). I spread the remaining pebbles in the pot of cactus. Not only do they give a natural look, but also help the cactus stay healthy by retaining heat.

Need to erase the pencil marks! Click on the picture to see the details.

Isn't it amazing that these shapes weren't machine carved?

There's so much joy in simple things :).

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