Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Blooms

Husband and I got a head start on our garden this year. I admit - he takes more care of the plants than I do. We are  lucky to have plenty of sunlight way before spring, so the seeds we sowed have come to life beautifully indoors with the light coming in through the patio. Here's what we are growing this year!

Tender mustard greens are great in salads. I am waiting for these to grow so that I can make saag!
Girls love ruby!
Husband is a huge fan of Karelas..Hope we get some fruits.
Oh, the heavenly aroma of sage!
Already used some to make roasted potatoes. Mmmm..
We mislabeled this plant. I think it's eggplant, husband thinks it's tomatillo - we'll find out soon hopefully :D
A beautiful flower bucket hubs put together - has lavender which I'm looking forward to using in the kitchen.
Hubby's works of art
Simply gorgeous! This is the first time we are seeing the big trees in the garden bloom.
Just bought this Japanese Maple - Look at that beautiful color!
The fig tree was completely bare until last week. Suddenly, the tips of every branch have one leaf and one tiny fig!
4 types of tomatoes and one pepper plant.
Other than these, we've planted the usual - basil, cilantro and zucchini. There's dill, spinach, holy basil and oregano as well. Let's see how everything turns out. I'm looking forward to a productive summer!

Spring has arrived...Are you planting anything in your garden/patio/balcony/windowsill this year?


Jenny (VintageSugarcube) said...

Hi Snehal,
Your plants and veggies and herbs are gorgeous. I know you will have some crazy-wonderful meals in your future. Happy happy Monday to you.


Snehal said...

Thanks, Jenny! I hope they make it through the weather fluctuations and all the pest attacks.

Priyanka said...

Wow Snehal, all the plants look so healthy. I'm yet to start planting for this season. We are getting snow fall every other week. :(

Fan request: please do a post on gardening. How to take care of small garden or which plants to plant and when or your personal experiences with growing veggies. Thanks! :)


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