Friday, July 1, 2011

Mid Year Resolution

"No, Snehal"..says the little voice in my head..."you should not eat that..remember what you decided yesterday? Didn't you start dieting?? You did so well by having a salad for lunch..don't ruin it now!! Hmmm..okay, maybe one tiiiiny bite..juuust a little. That's it. You can have some today and get back to counting calories tomorrow...afterall, you did just have a salad for this should balance it out right? And you had a pretty hectic day at work...poor you...okay, gotta give this to you. You SO need to eat that to cheer yourself up! Have it..I PROMISE I wont let you eat it tomorrow." The voice in my head goes through the same ramble almost every day as I stare at that chocolate saved for a very rare self-pampering or the muffin at the deli in my office, finally giving in to the evil side. I have a sweet tooth and I've been a bad girl lately. It's been more than 6 months to the wedding and the 'love pounds' just keep building up.

This has been playing on my mind for the last couple of days after talking to my mom. I need to give up sweets. At least for some time before my body and mind come to terms with having desserts once in a while. My mom is diabetic and her recent health situation has taken a toll on all of us family members. Every time I talk to her, I make sure she's eating right and tell her repetitively to never think of eating unhealthy. "How can you, mom?? Don't you know it's really bad for you??". It's so easy for me to say, but I know she has a hard time following the rigid diet. I know it's tough! If I can't stop eating sweets even for one day, what right do I have to tell her not to even think about some of the everyday items?? If I talk the talk, I must walk the walk. So here's my mid-year resolution to give up sweet for one month! And I'm not talking about having pancakes with a little bit of syrup for breakfast, just mindless munching and unnecessary calories. I'm doing this for myself just as much as for my mom. I need to eat healthy and fit into the dress I bought last summer when I was working hard to keep in shape for the wedding. I hope this eases some of that feeling of helplessness that I can't be there to take care of my mom, hopefully giving a little bit of encouragement to her and sharing some of her pain on the way and fixing my own health! Not that I have any issues...but eating right never hurts anyone. I go to peek into the not-so-sweet side of life for the next 30 days. I know it's going to be very challenging, but I already started off by saying 'No' to a tempting cheesecake this morning. Hopefully I'll stay motivated throughout. This is for you, Mom!


Priyanka said...

Wow, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one worried worried about shedding the 'love pounds'! One of my fav bloggers, Tanvii from , is also going 'sugarless' for 6 months. I think I should follow you girls! Its going to be very tough, but i'm sure you'll do it! Good luck babe!
P.S. You are doing this for your mom!! sweetest thing ever!

Snehal said...
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Snehal said...

Wow..6 months seems long...1 month is not so bad =)
thanks for the encouragement :)


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